WordPress and Custom Posts Controller

The Custom Posts Controller plugin is an all-in-one solution for restricting and appending dynamic contents to WordPress Posts and Custom Posts.

This plugin is very easy to work with, you can define the rules for your Posts and Custom Posts in a very simple and powerful way by creating simple conditions using logical AND and OR. To define a complex condition for any scenario, things can be done by just adding and grouping with logical AND and OR conditions.

Using Custom Post Controller, you can restrict or append dynamic content for posts based on continents, countries, regions, cities, user roles, users, dates, categories, and tags with 44 different options with zero coding necessary! Define unlimited rules for WP Posts & Custom Posts for your website.

Custom Posts Controller plugin supports hiding of posts, replacing posts and custom posts content.
Plugin is tested with Contact Form, Ninja Forms, Toolset , CPT UI , PODS(custom content types), Post Grid and WP-Job Manager and many more.

Hide selected Posts for a User

Add Dynamic content to Post